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To book onto a webinar, click the relevant ‘Book’ link below. Once you’ve submitted your details, you’ll be sent an email with a link to join the webinar later on. Please feel free to sign up for as many webinars as you wish.

CodeWebinarDescriptionWho Is It For?DateTimeApprox. DurationLink
WXL012An Introduction to Lessons Learned for Teaching StaffCovers: how to log in, what to do if you forget your password, understanding your profile page, basic introduction to the 5 modules, addressing your feedback (dev points) on Lessons Learned, signing up for email notifications.SLT, middle leaders, teachers, NQTs, TAs, HLTAsThursday 2nd September10:0030 mins
WXL013Understanding Your PM Document on Lessons LearnedCovers: permissions and what you can do with can edit/can't edit own, editing objectives (status, adding evidence), editing meetings, linking to standards radars, viewing document info, editing document boxes.Anyone being appraised on LLThursday 2nd September11:0015 mins
WXL014Assessing Your Wellbeing with Lessons LearnedCovers: creating a single self-review using the Wellbeing radar type, taking a copy of the review later on.Anyone with access to Wellbeing on 360 ReviewThursday 2nd September14:0015 mins
WXL015Logging and Requesting CPD on Lessons LearnedCovers: adding CPD logs, adding CPD requests, using the CPD calendar, running My CPD Reports.Anyone with access to CPDThursday 2nd September15:0015 mins
WXL016School Set-Up for 21/22 - Updating Class Lists, Staff Details, EtcCovers: adding class lists for 21/22, adding and removing staff, updating line manager/appraiser lists, updating heads of year/subject, setting default start and end dates.Admin/SLTFriday 3rd September10:0015 mins
WXL017School Set-Up for 21/22 - Adjusting Your Teaching and Learning FormsCovers: changing options in dropdown lists, editing aspects and associated prompts, adding and removing form elements (e.g. aspect summary), knowing when to edit an old form vs creating a new one.Admin/SLTFriday 3rd September11:0030 mins
WXL018School Set-Up for 21/22 - Creating Your SDP for 21/22Covers: working with LL team to adjust custom settings, setting up basic structure, adding your first priority, copying from old templates, understanding the links between SD and CPD/PM.Admin/SLTFriday 3rd September14:0030 mins
WXL019School Set-Up for 21/22 - Creating PM Documents for 21/22Covers: ensuring PM admin correct, creating document templates, using templates to create documents, adding your first meeting.Admin/SLTFriday 3rd September15:0030 mins
WXL020Completing a T&L Monitoring Form on Lessons LearnedCovers: setting up a new form, completing aspects, printing, sharing with others.SLT, middle leaders, line managers of teaching staffTuesday 7th September10:0015 mins
WXL021Using the T&L Dashboards for ReportingAn in-depth look at the dashboard screens on Lessons Learned.SLT, middle leadersTuesday 7th September16:0030 mins
WXL022Completing a Self or Peer Review Against the Teachers' StandardsCovers: creating a review in both radar mode and survey mode, publishing your completed review, copying a review for next time.SLT, middle leaders, teachers, NQTsThursday 9th September16:0015 mins
WXL023Analysing the Results of Your 360 Review Data on Lessons LearnedCovers: using the School 360 Reporting and School 360 Comparison pages, building, editing and comparing averages.SLT, middle leadersTuesday 14th September16:0030 mins
WXL024Performance Management on Lessons Learned: a Guide for SLTCovers: editing PM options in admin, checking appraisal structure, setting up document templates, checking progress on the tracking screens, quality assuring objectives on the summary screens, using the standards reporting screen.SLTTuesday 14th September10:0030 mins
WXL025Performance Management on Lessons Learned: a Guide for AppraisersCovers: checking access (and what to do if you don't have the right access), creating your first document, adding a meeting, finalising the document at the end of the cycle.SLT, middle leaders, appraisers/line managersThursday 16th September16:0020 mins
WXL026Using the Lessons Learned PM Module as Part of Your Coaching ProcessA look at how the PM module can be adapted for a coaching style approach to appraisal.SLTThursday 16th September10:0030 mins
WXL027Tracking and Reporting on CPD with Lessons LearnedAn in-depth look at each of the reports available on the CPD Reporting screen.SLT, middle leadersTuesday 21st September10:0030 mins
WXL028Handling Requests for CPD on Lessons LearnedCovers: how to see the details of requests, the two ways in which requests can be approved or rejected.SLT, middle leaders, CPD coordinatorsTuesday 21st September16:0015 mins
WXL029Capturing Evidence For a Deep Dive Using Lessons LearnedPart 1 of 3SLT, middle leadersMonday 27th September16:0020 mins
WXL030Analysing the Results of Your Deep Dive Monitoring Using Lessons LearnedPart 2 of 3SLT, middle leadersTuesday 28th September10:0020 mins
WXL031Completing a Deep Dive Report Using Lessons LearnedPart 3 of 3SLT, middle leadersTuesday 28th September16:0020 mins
WXL032Accessing and Creating Departmental Development Plans and Evaluation FormsCovers: creating an evaluation form and development plan for your department/subject, linked department priorities back to main school priorities, accessing your responsibilities on the school development plan.Middle leadersThursday 30th September16:0020 mins
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