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The first copy of the framework is £25 (+VAT).

If you wish to purchase multiple copies for your school, the cost of the framework is reduced after the 1st and then again after the 10th copies of the framework purchased, as laid out in the table below.

Copy Cost
1st £25
2nd copy onwards £12.50 per copy

Each copy of the framework comes in two parts – one for teaching and another for leadership.

To order your copies, please contact our support team.

The XLence Standards Monitoring Framework (SMF) is a two part booklet that has been written to support schools in conducting effective and consistent evaluation of the quality of teaching and learning, and leadership in their school. It can be used in lesson observations, learning walks, work scrutinies, etc, and it is written to align to the new Professional Standards, meet the requirements of the new curriculum and fulfil the Four Purposes. It is designed to support the development of teachers and leaders across all aspects of their practice, at all stages of their career.

The XLence Standards Monitoring Framework (SMF) has its origins in our Excellence in Teaching Framework (ETLF), and like the ETLF it has been developed with teachers and advisers who work daily in primary and secondary schools. The ETLF has been well tested in practice and found to be effective, and it has been used in a variety of ways in almost 50% of schools in Wales over the last few years.

Why Did We Create It?

To help schools implement an approach to the Professional Standards which is developmental, encourages individual and collective reflection and supports innovative thinking, whilst all the time remaining focused on improving practice and its impact on learning in a sustainable way.

The XLence Standards Monitoring Framework expands on the Professional Standards and aims to:

  • bridge the gap between the milestones of induction and highly effective practice;
  • provide prompts for thought and discussion in any professional dialogue aimed at developing practice;
  • ensure a clear and consistent approach and pathway for professional learning.

The Framework is split into sections for teaching and leadership, the latter of which aims to help schools with the identification and construction of a new process that ensures leaders are exposed to the same professional learning opportunities and challenges as teachers.

How Was It Developed?

Through a mix of consultation, input and stringent in-school testing. Headteachers and senior staff from schools who used the previous ETLF gave input and tested it in their schools, with staff involved as “the learning community” feeding back their views.

How Is It Structured?

The Framework is structured around the areas of the standards and embraces all the elements contained within them. It covers both pedagogy and professional practices, thus giving focus to wider school improvement.

Additional exemplification materials include proformas for learning walks, work scrutiny, listening to learners and more.


It can be used by:

  • anyone in a staff development role to support their staff and identify clear developmental needs;
  • anyone in need of clear professional learning pathways or wondering ‘what next?’ for their practice;
  • the school or setting to establish clear expectations about effective practice, identify examples or to form a backdrop to the performance management process;
  • the school or setting to identify areas of strength as well as those areas in need of development.
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