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Teaching and Learning Development

A module for monitoring teaching and learning, with analysis to inform improvements and provide evidence for good governance. Use alongside the XLence Standards Monitoring Framework.

The Teaching and Learning Development Module provides the tools for senior leaders to analyse teaching and learning and to identify areas that need improvement at individual teacher, subject level or at school level.

Using XLence, senior leaders are able to easily demonstrate the quality of teaching and learning to governors, trustees and other parties such as advisers or inspectors. It also provides ideal evidence for your self-review processes.

The module is flexible and able to accommodate a variety of monitoring forms for teaching and learning, including lesson observations, learning walks, book scrutiny and much more. You can use our preloaded forms, which use our XLence Standards Monitoring Framework as a basis, or alternatively use your own school frameworks and forms.

Forms can be customised extensively, with options to turn judgements on or off, create new judgement sets for specific forms and add areas for recording development points and strengths where applicable. How complex or simple the forms are is up to you.

Easy to use analysis screens provide a quick overview of the level of teaching and learning at individual, department and whole school level. Summaries of development points and strengths allow you to see if there is a particular area of strength or weakness within your school.

Teachers can have their own logins that allow them to view forms completed on them and middle leaders can be given access to forms and analysis for their subject/area or year group. Development point logs can be accessed at all levels, allowing individuals to see the feedback they’ve been given and record actions against them to show how they’ve responded.

Key Benefits

  • Helps leadership teams to record monitoring evidence in structured and consistent manner from a variety of sources.
  • Dashboards at individual, subject and school level provide graphical analysis of evidence for decision making.
  • Areas of strength and those needing development can easily be identified and acted upon.
  • Impact of school development activity can be evaluated over time.
  • Prompt and timely reporting for senior leaders, governors and others.


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New for 2020 – Printable Dashboards

Graphs and summary tables on the dashboard screens can now be exported to Word at the click of a button for easy printing and sharing. Export your data at school, subject/department or individual level and choose whether to print the whole screen or just the sections you need.

What Our Customers Say

“The system proved very helpful. I had at my finger tips an overview of all the observations that had taken place in the school, I was able to provide data on different key stages and subjects as part of the school’s evidence base.”

“I was able to show where our strengths and weaknesses were as well as the percentage of teachers working at ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’. For the sake of a few hundred pounds I was able to prevent the school being graded ‘Adequate’ based on what an inspector had seen in two days.”

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