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Continuing Professional Development

A system for recording CPD events attended and requested by your staff, with reporting capabilities and feedback features that ensure your CPD processes develop along with your staff.

The Continuing Professional Development Module can be used to keep track of all CPD events attended and requested in your school, as well as CPD requirements, requests for support from colleagues and any research/projects being carried out by your staff.

Staff can be set up with specific roles that determine who has access to CPD, who can create new CPD events and who can approve CPD requests. You can also assign CPD coordinators, who have access to the entire module and can manage CPD for your school.

Reports on your CPD can be pulled off at individual, staff or whole school level and allow you to see the impact of CPD so far and whether staff are being given equal opportunities to improve.

Answer questions such as…

Are all staff receiving equal opportunities for CPD?

What do staff think of the CPD provided?

Which CPD providers give us the best value for money?

How does the CPD attended address our current school development priorities?


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Slide Report on CPD at school, staff and individual level, with reports that show you what CPD has been booked or requested, cover requirements, impact of your CPD programme and more. All reports can be exported or printed at the click of a button. Slide The CPD module is totally customisable so you decide which types of CPD you want to capture (e.g. requests, projects) and what level of information you want recorded against each one (e.g. whether you want to link it back to PM objectives, capture whether cover is required or not, etc). Slide Staff can use the system to capture CPD requirements for themselves or staff they line manage - useful if you want to record that there's a CPD need, but don't know exactly what training there is to address it. Slide If you need staff to justify their CPD (particularly useful when taking requests) you can ask them to log details such as their expect outcomes or how the CPD relates to any performance management objectives they have. Slide All staff can be assigned an annual CPD allowance and the CPD Allowance Utilisation report flags up any staff that have gone over their allowance. Slide Capture feedback from your staff on any CPD events they attend and then run reports on the feedback to identify strengths and weaknesses in your CPD programme. Feedback forms can be customised so you can capture specific details and staff can also upload any certificates they obtain directly to their CPD log.
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