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Free to Use Until October!

Professional Learning Tool

Our Professional Learning Tool is for helping staff to self and peer review against the Professional Standards for Teaching, Leadership and Assisting Teaching.

Free to Use Until September!

We are offering 3 months free use of the tool until September, no obligations, in recognition of schools’ commitment to their children and particularly to the children of key workers. After this, 1 module pricing will apply to new customers and existing customer costs will vary depending on the number of modules they already subscribe to. Please see our pricing page for further information.

The XLence Professional Learning Tool has been developed to support teachers and leaders track their development against the Professional Standards for Teaching and Leadership and to identify their professional learning needs.

Used alongside our XLence Standards Review Framework, the Professional Learning Tool helps staff to measure their practice against each of the Professional Standards and their associated elements. There are “scaffolding” prompts within the tool that help individuals to understand each element and identify the next stage of development.

The tool makes use of radar (spider) charts which are a visually powerful way to playback reviews. The system comes preloaded with separate radar charts for the teaching and leadership standards, and the standards for assisting teaching. Individuals can conduct reviews of their own practice (self review) or the practice of others (peer review).

The tool allows evidence to be noted and development actions to be identified and recorded. It is the ideal tool for staff to populate their Professional Learning Passport (PLP) as it is easily printable to a word or PDF document. Importantly it allows individuals to choose whether they share their reviews or keep them entirely private.

This year a number of our “Ambassador” schools have been trialling the use of this tool with staff in innovative projects, which seek to integrate professional learning with overall school improvement and effective CPD programmes. Developing their schools as “Learning Organisations”. Click here to see the progress made in the case study “Ambassador” schools.

Key Benefits

  • Helps develops individual’s understanding of the professional standards.
  • Individuals can assess their development against a “scaffolded” set of professional standard prompts and behaviours – they get a real sense of their progress over time.
  • Staff and leaders can use radar charts to discuss and plan future development steps and professional learning requirements both for individuals, teams and the school.
  • Leaders can use self-review outcomes to check school priorities and improvement plans align with professional standards (Schools as Learning Organisations).
  • Subject team development can be reviewed over time and against other teams by overlaying radar charts.


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