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Do you want a clear view of Teaching and Learning and Performance Management in your group or cluster?

Improvement of teaching and learning within a group of schools can be a difficult task. All schools demonstrate areas of strength, as well as areas for development, and gathering evidence for this can be tricky.

Our XLence Online System offers a straightforward method for each school to undertake their own monitoring and evaluation and an easy way for key people in your group to view the information they need to.

At its core, our Group View is designed to offer a quick and easy way of tracking the quality of teaching and learning across your schools, regardless of their size or geographic location. It allows you to judge the impact of initiatives already in place and identify schools (and staff) that are showing good practice which can be put to use later down the line.

For those with access, Group View provides headline information on how monitoring, evaluation and performance management are progressing within your group as well as each school. Leaders of learning have access to the key information they need to support them in their roles.

You agree your own forms, criteria and structures and the system does the rest, taking your schools’ data and pulling the key information up to a group level view. The system also helps to ensure a common language and consistency of approach across your group, with everyone able to use your group defined forms and criteria as well as their own.

Reports are easy to filter and provide the evidence you need to demonstrate improvement in teaching and learning as well as the evidence needed to focus on providing the CPD needed for staff within your group.

School level views can be accessed should you need them, offering the headline information on how each school is progressing and – should your schools allow it – you can even view detailed information on the monitoring being undertaken within each school.

Reporting to governors and external parties can be done easily and anonymously, with you able to quickly evidence what has been done to improve where it was needed.

Key Benefits

  • Costs the same as a normal school license.
  • Clear evidence for leaders of learning in your group.
  • Schools continue to use their own structures and processes.
  • Your group leaders only see the information they need to.
  • Instant analysis of teaching, learning and performance management without any extra work for headteachers or group leaders.
  • The right people see what they should, with only a couple of clicks.
  • Cost-effective solution to a time-consuming problem.
  • No need to rely on spreadsheets.
  • Secure and safe.
  • Accessible on any device, anywhere.

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