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Select ‘Create Review’ from the 360 Review menu and complete the review title, review type (self, peer, department or school), date and type (in this example we’re looking at the Professional Standards for Teaching). Linking to particular subjects and year groups is optional. Click ‘Create’.


Once your radar chart loads, click on the first spoke to start self-evaluating. Use the prompts to guide where you place the marker on the sliding scale and use the notes box to provide your reasoning and evidence.


If you need to upload further evidence, every spoke has a file upload table at the bottom. Once you’ve uploaded your files, click ‘Save and Next’ to continue on to the next spoke.


As you make your way around the spokes, a picture begins to build up of your current practice against the Professional Standards. Once you’ve completed your review, click ‘Save and Publish’ to share the results with relevant staff (e.g. line managers, SLT) and/or click ‘Print’ to export a version of your completed review to Word.


Once published, your review can be included on the 360 Analysis screens. Teaching staff will be able to see their own progress by analysing their self reviews, whereas SLT will have access to reviews for all staff and can compare this data in a variety of different ways.

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