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It’s important that you get the most out of XLence and that it has a direct impact on your provision and the outcomes for your children. Occasionally this means taking the time to stand back and consider the activities being undertaken, the data and information being collected and how the reports and analysis from XLence are being used. Crucially, this also means thinking about the structure of forms and descriptions/labels being used. By considering what you are trying to achieve first, you can collect just the essential information you need in the best form for analysis. This can save a lot of time and energy for better results!

All our customers have the option to request an annual System Review by one of our advisers. The reviews are provided in written form and cover the following areas:

    1. System Usage – a summary of the last 12 months use with key volumetrics.
    2. Forms and Structure – an assessment of the form types and their structure, including any grade sets in use.
    3. Reporting and follow-up – a review of the school’s dashboards and other reporting, identifying key aspects of performance and follow-up of development points.

In each area reviewed adviser comments are recorded and then summary findings are provided at the front of the System Review.

There is no charge for this service although to gain maximum benefit it’s recommended that a school’s XLence lead participates (by video) in a discussion around the report after.

To instigate a System Review for your XLence system please contact us here.

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