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£100 For Every School Introduced

Referrals are all about trust in someone else’s judgement. When any of us find something we think makes a positive difference to what we do, then we like to share the experience with others. A recommendation can save hours of research and potentially save friends and colleagues from making a poor choice at some cost.

The best advocates of XLence are our existing happy customers. They best explain the way they have used the system, the issues they have overcome and the impact of its use.

We seek to encourage referral activity not just by our commitment to supporting our existing customers but by offering schools a referral reward of £100 for every school that signs up to use XLence. The £100 can be deducted from future XLence invoices, paid to the school directly or, if a school wishes, it can be paid to a charity of their choice.

It’s simple – all you need to do is provide contact details for a school that is interested in receiving a demonstration of XLence and if that school goes on to buy the system then the £100 is paid.

An alternative to a simple referral is an introduction to a cluster of schools or a few local schools at a training session. In these difficult times for in-person meetings, this may be done via a virtual meeting.

If you would like to refer a colleague or neighbouring school please contact us today with your details.

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